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FMDAC - The Federation of Metal Detector & Archaeological Clubs, Inc. (FMDAC) was organized in 1984 as a legislative and educational organization and incorporated as a non-profit, non-commercial, non-partisan organization dedicated to preserving the sport/hobby of recreational metal detecting/prospecting.

SMARTER HOBBY - Getting started with a metal detector. Everything you need to know.

THE RING FINDERS - Lost rings, lost watch, lost brooch, lost pendant, lost jewelry?

TOP10METALDETECTORS - Ranked by price, vote for your favorite.

USMETALDETECTOR - Shop for metal detectors, accessories on Amazon, etc.

DISCOVER DETECTINGDiscover Detecting is a site aimed at both metal detecting beginners and longtime enthusiasts.


RARE GOLD NUGGETS - Where/how to find gold, natural gold for sale, gold mining equipment, gold panning/prospecting tips.

STOUT STANDARDS - Musings from an old "beeper".

HOBBY HELP - A beginners guide to metal detecting.

KELLY NOELLER - Metal detecting treasure hunter.  Learn how to metal detect, we have the equipment and knowledge for all your treasure hunting needs.  Read my blog.

UNDERCOIL.COM - A beginners guide to metal detecting.

DETECTING RESEARCH SITE - Detecting Research is your online portal to help you expand your knowledge of places to detect.