Ask Mark Parker

"For more than 30 years, Mark's been helping readers research, identify, and value tens of thousands of finds."

If you have items recovered in your metal detecting exploits but don't know what they are,
where they came from, or what they're worth... Send them to Mark... He'll get right on it!


Drawings, rubbings, and photocopies may be
submitted, however, make sure they're clear, sharp, and actual size or larger.

Sharp photos are needed! Send one front & one back of each item to be identified. Entire item must be visible on a plain, solid background.

Digital photos: 300 dpi or higher.
Turn "Date Stamp" off!

Limit: Three items per week.
No phone calls or faxes.


Pricing is subjective, and the estimates provided in this column, and in all related correspondence, are derived from a variety of sources. They are not official appraisals or guarantees of value, and the author, editor, and publisher will not be responsible for readers' decisions or transactions.

People's Publishing Company, Inc. reserves the right, without obligation and at our discretion, to provide information, recommendations, and referrals to persons whose finds appear in Western & Eastern Treasures or Silver & Gold.

However, as a matter of policy, we cannot and will not forward unsolicited offers, correspondence, or information to such persons, nor can we disclose unpublished names, addresses, and telephone numbers, Please do not ask us to do so.



Readers can now have their first & last name and city/state location included with questions appearing in the column. If you would like for yours to be published, please state this in your letter or e-mail. Otherwise, questions will be published anonymously. Publication of questions/answers cannot be guaranteed, but all will be personally answered.